Agricultural care

A young forest needs care like a newborn child. Scientifically, this is called "care of forest crops" or agricultural care. We will tell you about agricultural care, which is necessary for the first two years of the forest's life. It depends on its quality, whether the seedlings survive or not, whether the oak grove or pine forest rustle at the planting site or not.

Those who have grown something in a country house or a private cottage know well that weeding is a must to get a crop or a brightly blooming flower bed. For small trees, the battle against weeds is no exception.

So that the seedlings can grow calmly and receive enough light and nutrients, you first need to mow the grass. This must be done very carefully so as not to damage the small trees.

Then it is necessary to weed out the young forest - the growth of such fast-growing species as birch, aspen, alder, and mountain ash. Otherwise, they will hurt coniferous seedlings. The soil needs to be loosened to provide oxygen and water to the roots. Some areas require this treatment twice a year.

“Without agricultural care, all work, starting with sowing seeds in the nursery, will be in vain, and high-quality reforestation is impossible,” says Vladimir Zakharov, senior district forester of the Orekhovo-Zuevo department of the Moscow Oblast Forestry.

That is why the PosadiLes project not only carries out planting but also makes sure that the seedlings will grow into large beautiful trees. Our volunteers participate in agricultural care. Where we cannot do it ourselves, we pay the forestry workers for their labor, and the planted trees receive the support and protection they need.

You can pay for agricultural care along with the purchase of seedlings - just add it to your purchase. We are sure that you appreciate every tree planted and, like us, are interested in seeing it grow healthy, strong, and beautiful.

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