On June 26, in the Rostov region, an agricultural lifting was held on the territory of spring landings, where it was planted in the amount of 3,500 trees Sosna Crimea together with Sberbianculation.

On June 26, an agricultural outing took place in Zhukovo-Tatarsky, where, after the planting campaign, all the inhabitants of the farm, as well as the administration staff, got involved in the business and provide various support to our young forest. We arrived early, by 9 am, together with the guys from PMD and others who responded to the call to help in our agricultural care.

Local activists have already worked "in the beds", weeding the first site. Without delay, we took up the second, where our kids were not at all visible in the thick grass. They worked together, harmoniously, freeing rows of young pines from grass in two hours, leaving organic greenery as mulch here to shade and protect the roots and soil from drying out. Children cheerfully poured themselves out of the barrel to reduce the heat, adults happily took up this fun. After a short excursion to the Church of St. Andrew the First-Called, lunch with words of gratitude. It is so delicious to drink compote and eat pies with cheese, feeling satisfied tiredness after work. Well, after that - departure on the way back. We returned to the city closer to 14.00. There is still half a day left to savor the sensations. How all this was about - look in the wonderful shots of Artyom Panfilov.


“I am incredibly inspired by what is happening this year. I feel full of life and in spite of fatigue I don’t want to stop at all) Separate words of gratitude to the “Plant a Forest” project for the opportunity to do such a large-scale and important matter and, of course, Victoria Ozerina, who, together with the videographer Maxim, rushed to us from the federal project team from the capital to take part in the action! "

Maria Gorbacheva, Regional coordinator of the "Plant a forest" project in the Rostov region

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