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At We are guided by the following principles for sending mass emails:

  • We only send emails to addresses provided to us by the owners of these addresses.
  • Your email address can be included in the mailing list in the following ways: registering on the website (creating a personal account), participating as a volunteer / organizer at plantings, calculating personal CO2 emissions, sending an address when purchasing a tree planting certificate, sending an email to, filling out various forms and questionnaires on the website, as well as in the social networks of the service.
  • mailings are aimed at drawing the attention of Russian citizens to the problems of reforestation in Russia. In our mailing lists, we talk about the most pressing problems, give advice and recommendations on how to make our life more environmentally friendly, and also call for concrete actions to help nature.
  • All personal information that you provided for registration on our website can be changed at any time or completely removed from our database at your request.
  • If you want to opt out of receiving letters from our regular mailing list, you can do this at any time using a special link that is placed at the end of each letter, or write us a letter to with the subject of the letter REMOVE FROM THE MAIL and thereby stop sending letters to your email address.


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