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2020 year:

Soulful Moscow (Soulful Moscow), Moscow, September 15, 2020, Russian Forest Days: Let's make the air of Moscow cleaner together with NGOs

Social Information Agency (, Moscow, September 2, 2020, Plant a Forest activists conducted the first agro-care at the site of last year's plantings

Teachers' newspaper (, Moscow, 27 August 2020, Environmentalists propose to schoolchildren to give teachers a forest instead of bouquets on September 1, Moscow, August 26, 2020, On the eve of the Day of Knowledge, environmentalists suggested giving teachers trees instead of flowers

Youth news agency (miamir.rf), St. Petersburg, August 26, 2020, Russia: The best gift for a teacher is not flowers, but growing trees

RIA Karachay-Cherkessia (, Cherkessk, August 26, 2020, ECA Movement invites residents of Karachay-Cherkessia to take part in the competition for the best tree planting of the autumn season

Youth of Mordovia (, Saransk, July 30, 2020, From idea to millions of coverage: ECA Movement shares the results for 10 years

City of Finance (, Moscow, July 7, 2020, Eternal values ​​in a new format

AGROXXI, Moscow, June 20, 2020, Forest agronomy in modern Russia: an expert says

Radio 1 (, Moscow, June 4, 2020, Sosny as a gift. Singer Mitya Fomin was presented with a grove in OrekhovoZuev

Nature of the Perm Territory (, Moscow, June 3, 2020, A businessman made a donation to plant 20 thousand trees

Zemlyak (, Krasnogorsk, May 20, 2020, Plans for a whole spring tree planting season were completed in one week

MIC News of Russia (, Moscow, May 7, 2020, Living Memory: Astrakhan residents will plant trees in honor of their veterans

Voices of Cities (, Moscow, April 29, 2020, Living Memory: Russians will plant trees in honor of their veterans

National Geographic (, Moscow, March 20, 2020, Russians have given each other almost 30,000 trees since the beginning of the year

Vegetarian (, Moscow, February 28, 2020, "The best mimosa is a forest": on March 8, they offer to give trees instead of flowers, Moscow, February 17, 2020, "Plant a Forest" - puzzle "three in a row" in which you can plant real trees, Moscow, 17 February 2020, App of the Week: Play and Plant Real Trees

Business and Society (, Moscow, February 13, 2020, and the ECA movement have released an environmental education game, Moscow, February 7, 2020, Annual action "Root your love" from the project "Plant a forest"

Design-mate, Moscow, 2020, Question: how to calculate your carbon footprint?

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