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Hello! Our team is grateful to you for entrusting us with such a responsible task as planting trees, and we want this project to be completely understandable and transparent for you. Here we answer your questions.

About the project: who we are, why and why?

Who created the PosadiLes project and when? Why is it arranged this way?

The PosadiLes project is quite young today. It was launched on October 5, 2015 as a result of the largest all-Russian startup support program “Generation Startup 2015”, where we reached the final. The authors of the project have been engaged in environmental activities for more than 7 years as volunteers, leaders and all-Russian coordinators of various projects, this idea matured for a long time and finally found its embodiment, meeting the support of professionals in IT and other areas who also share our mission.

Who is planting my tree?

Your tree will be planted by our partners, activists of the all-Russian movement ECA. The planting is organized and coordinated by the leader of the regional office of the organization or its regional representative.

Why are we planting with the ECA movement?

The ECA Movement was founded in 2010 and for 5 years one of its public programs has been tree planting. The push to start the "More oxygen!" there were terrible forest fires that engulfed Moscow and other regions of Russia - and which every year cause the death of a huge amount of forest. Since 2010, the program has been financially supported for 4 years by the socially responsible company Faberlik, with the support of which (and also with the support of the Federal Forestry Agency) 10 million trees were planted in 40 regions of Russia. The program began with the creation of school nurseries, but in recent years the main emphasis has been on the massive planting of trees in suburban areas that are in dire need of reforestation.

And now, thanks to the cooperation of the PosadiLes project and the ECA movement, there is an opportunity for everyone to take part in forest restoration and devote this useful work to their loved ones.

We want to develop a private model of supporting environmental initiatives, where reforestation is supported by the community and everyone can join and contribute. There are more people than companies, right? And this is especially important in a situation of economic crisis, when it is difficult even for a socially responsible business to support public environmental programs.

Why plant trees - do we have a problem with the forest in Russia?

- We seem to have a lot of it. According to experts and data from space satellites, fires, unauthorized logging, floods, freezing rains, hurricanes and other disasters have destroyed more than 50% of the forests we need.

- Forests are being restored on their own For a forest to be restored on its own, it is necessary that it occupies at least 70% of the area of ​​the entire state. And also, so that if necessary, selective felling (1 tree per hectare) is used, and not continuous, as in our country. Wood is a renewable resource if renewed on time. The forest is restored by special people - foresters. They prepare the soil, plant seedlings, care for and protect the forest.

About trees: what, where and how do we plant?

Why is this amount - 180 rubles? What is included in it?

Part of this amount is the organization of work on planting trees: seedlings, transport, food and equipment for volunteers during planting.

Another part of the amount goes to the organization of the project - promotion, development of the service itself and the launch of new functions, for the overall coordination of work, taxes and fees, as well as for the development of the project.

10% of the amount goes to support other programs of the ECA Movement, including all-Russian educational eco-lessons, public legal offices in different cities, programs to promote separate waste collection and other public initiatives.

Why so little - 180 rubles? I heard that in Moscow they plant trees that cost up to 10 thousand rubles?

We plant small, two or three year old seedlings and seedlings that become forest in 5-15 years. This is how the forests arise, which we and you and our descendants will find.

And yes, indeed, the cost of planting an adult tree of a certain species can be measured in thousands of rubles. We also want to remind you that - if you wish and have the opportunity - you can pay for planting not one, but several trees, or even a whole grove!

How exactly do we plant trees?

Watch how we plant trees in this video:

About participation: if you want to help not only financially.

What if I want not only to pay for the tree, but also to take part in the planting myself?

If so, that's just great! To get an idea of ​​the planting process and technology, watch our video and photo reports.

As you can see, planting trees is a very responsible and not the easiest job

You are ready? Then join us. At the beginning of each planting season (spring and autumn) on our website you can find the planting schedule and contacts of regional coordinators. Choose a place and contact the coordinator to discuss the details of participation and ask all your questions.

What if my region is not listed on the site, but I want my trees to be planted there?

In order for us to "open" the region and to be able to plant there, it is necessary to raise funds sufficient for a one-time planting of 500 or more trees. Soon there will be a “pre-order” option on the site for those regions where landings are not yet taking place. You can team up with your family and friends and plant your forest near where you live. And you will be the one who will open this region to others!

I have been involved in forest restoration in my region for many years, and now I want to do it together with How can I do it?

Welcome to the club of those who not only dream, but also do!

Write to us through the feedback form on the main page of the site. Describe your experience in reforestation, attach photos and other materials. We will be glad to meet you and discuss possible cooperation!

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