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PosadiLes cooperates with companies that care about nature. We help those who need to be environmentally responsible.

Corporate social responsibility is becoming the new business philosophy. Now companies want not only to make a profit, but also to maintain an ecological balance. Sustainability of business is not just a global trend. Thanks to many eco-practices, the company saves money, strengthens its image and strengthens the team spirit of its employees. Our project works in many regions of Russia. We are ready to host country-wide events if you need it.


What can YOU do

Compensate for your carbon footprint and be certified as CO2 neutral.

You just need to calculate the carbon footprint of your organization oncalculatorand tell us the result. We will calculate how many trees need to be planted to offset the carbon footprint.

Employees of your company can plant trees on their own or entrust the planting to PosadiLes volunteers.The CO2 footprint can be calculated for any period, but annual data must be entered in order to be certified as carbon neutral.

It is important that the calculation uses data posted on the organization's website in the public domain. After signing the contract and carrying out tree planting, we provide a certificate and a CO2-neutrality badge for 1 year. The badge can be placed on your products.

Personal account for legal entities

Buy trees and get accounting documents.

Environmental corporate with benefit

Many leading companies in the world abandon traditional corporate events and gifts in favor of good deeds to preserve nature.

More and more market participants are holding teambuildings in the fresh air, restoring dead forests and clearing local water bodies of debris. This approach not only strengthens ties within the team, but also enables everyone to contribute to improving the environmental situation in the region where the company operates.


Gift certificates

A certificate from our project will be a real surprise for your employees and partners: they hardly had to receive a real forest as a gift! They will be pleased to know that they are participating in an important and noble cause - restoring forests.

A tree as a gift to your friends and loved ones is also a long-term contribution to nature conservation.

Certificates can be purchased on the

Environmental education - your contribution to a green future

One of the main forest problems is that people do not know how things are in this area and are indifferent to logging and fires. Environmental education will help to solve it: it is useful for children and adults to get acquainted in detail with the life of the forest. To this end, our partners - the ECA Movement - carry out a whole range of activities for environmental education of children, youth and adults. Among them are eco-lessons on various topics. Anyone can conduct "forest" classes, for this it is not at all necessary to be a teacher. He will prepare with the tutorials and step-by-step instructions from the ECA Movement. Such lessons will inspire students to conserve forests and love nature.

Your support for “forest” environmental education will help develop new lessons. Thousands of schoolchildren and students of Russia will take part in them. When they grow up, they will use ecological practices in their lives and work. This way we will preserve nature.

Examples of lessons:lesomania.rfandlesklimat.rf

Donate to forest restoration

Если ваша организация пока не готова компенсировать свой углеродный след или проводить корпоративные посадки леса, вы можете пожертвовать на посадки деревьев в разных регионах России. Как правило, это 500andболее саженцев за один прием на территориях, где леса пострадали от пожаров, ледяного дождя, урагана или погибли от вредителей. Волонтеры высаживают деревья на специально подготовленных для этого площадях. В дальнейшем за молодым лесом осуществляется агроуход.

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