For Business — Save forests with us!

PosadiLes helps companies to be environmentally responsible. We work with businesses, organizations, and companies who share our vision of reforestation.

How do we get started on a partnership?

A partnership can vary depending on how you want to raise money for trees and your goals. Every $3 = 1 tree planted. This cost includes everything from sapling collection, planting, maintenance, and reporting. As a partner, you can donate any amount at any interval.

Step 1: Fill in the expression of interest form below. 

Step 2:We will contact you to discuss details, confirm the partnership and sign the agreement.

Step 3: You make a payment or a donation for trees.

Step 4: After planting trees, we provide photos, videos, GPS coordinates, polygons, and a planting report.

There are many ways to get involved and plant trees

Your trees will be part of our projects in 47 regions of Russia. We have already planted 1 700 000 trees and will plant more with your help. We are a great team of passionate people ready to act NOW on your behalf. 


We also plant barrier forests forming a green belt to prevent desertification of land by the southern border of Russia, which will help to slow down climate change.

One for One
Donate a percentage of sales or a fixed sum monthly
Compensate for your carbon footprint
Calculate your carbon footprint and offset emissions by planting trees
Donate as much as you wish and save forests

By working with us, you are...

Supporting UN SDGs and 2030 Agenda
Enhancing ecosystem health
Addressing climate change through CO2 sequestration
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