On August 12, 2022 in the Rostov region, an agricultural department was held for 3000 trees with the support of Sber

08/12/2022, with the support of the Admiystrazia of the village of Kagalnitskaya and local housing and communal services, a mechanized agricultural vehicle was carried out: mowing and watering 5000 young pines, planted as part of the project “Southern Forest Belt of Russia” in the spring of 2021. I was happy to see the good survival of plants, care work is carried out there regularly by the forces of the local administration.

“The forest here was planted by our grandparents after the war, returning from the front. Unfortunately, many forests burned during fires in the early 2000s and today our business again create them for us and future generations. It is great that there are such projects as the “YULPR” - after all, by combining efforts we can really make a greater contribution to the landscaping of our native land ”

Logacheva Natalya Leonidovna

Head of the administration of the Kagalnitsky rural settlement

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