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We are a team of the PosadiLes.ru project initiated by the Green Movement of Russia«ЭКА»... We are reforestation in Russia, and we are implementing many other environmental initiatives.

Remember that hot summer in 2010, when terrible fires blazed across the country?In the same autumn, at the initiative of the ECA Movement, a tree planting campaign was launchedMore oxygen!. The program was financially supported for 4 years by the socially responsible company Faberlik, thanks to whichin 47 regions of Russiawas planted10 million treesand created5,000 school nurseriesled by activistsЭКА... The program began with the creation of school nurseries, but in recent years, the main emphasis has been on the massive planting of trees in suburban areas that are in dire need of reforestation.

After four years, the partnership program was completed, but we decided to continue our reforestation activities and created the PosadiLes crowdfunding service. Since 2015 anyanyone who wishes can plant their own forest without leaving home. During this time, more than 6 thousand people supported the planting of more than 170 thousand trees in 23 regions of Russia.

We want to develop a private model for supporting environmental initiatives.There are more people,than companies, right?And this is especially important in a situation of economic crisis, when it is difficult even for a socially responsible business to support public environmental programs..

Not so long ago, we came up with a new format for involving people in the "forest" problem, namelymobile online game "Plant a forest". The game will help you to talk about the problem of the disappearance of forests, about the fact that the time is not far away when a person can cut down the last tree.The game allows you to tell about important things in simple language.

A forest is a complex ecosystem that connects living organisms, and its components such as air, soil and water.Without green plants, humanity will be doomed to sudden death. We want our children to understand how the world works, how important it is to be sensitive to the gifts of nature and that without it there will be no life on Earth.

We want future generations to be able to see the same beauty that we see now! But, unfortunately, there are more and more pages in the red book…. The main goal we are moving towards is the conservation of nature and the rational use of natural resources!

Sometimes it seems that one tree cannot make a difference. But this is not so, because everything big is made up of small.

The contribution of each of us is important!

Support our project and tell your friends about it, so that there will be more clean air and forests on Earth!

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