June 5, 2023 in the Republic of Mordovia, an agricultural department was held for 10,000 trees with the support of Sber

June 5, 2023 - on the Ecologist Day in the Republic of Mordovia in the Ilkovsky district in the Smolny National Park National Park  Activists of the ECA movement, as part of the Lesa Plants Lesdi Forest, conducted an agricultural vehicle for trees that were planted October 15, 2021.

On an area of ​​2 hectares in a mechanized way (using a tractor), weeds were removed, competing with planted pines for nutrients and space. The weeding was carried out with caution so as not to damage young trees in the process. In April, on this site there was an annoyance of uninvited trees. The total percentage of survival was 80% of the total, which will be compiled by normal.

Agricultural engineering measures carried out as part of the “Plant Les” campaign provide the trees with the best conditions for survival and growth. They contribute to the creation of a favorable environment and allow new forest plantations to develop successfully in order to become an important part of the ecosystem in the future and preserve the natural wealth of the Republic of Mordovia.

#Lesomat terminal with which you can plant trees
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