April 30, 2022 in the Rostov Region was held by AgroOHD ​​for planted trees with the support of Sber

April 30, 2022, agricultural vehicle was held in x. Shaminka, as part of the project Southern Green Belt of Russia.

Early Saturday morning, a small company of 13 volunteers, we went from Rostov to Semikarakorsky district to visit 3,000 young trees, which were planted in 2021.

The weather did not scare us: the rain, which passed in the morning moisturized the soil, which began to burden the boots, but several times this day it was said, “It was good that the rain passed, the earth was drinking, weeds are easier to tear much.”

The sun peered to greet us after 20 minutes from the beginning of work, nature is always on our side. The volunteers worked harmoniously at an excellent pace: a strip of trees in three rows and a length of more than a kilometer - rolled from dump, giving acacia more open spaces for growth and sunlight. Lunch was covered right on the mountain, which is popularly called a place of power. Inspired by views, the aroma of fresh spring grass and a new feat in the name of the mother of the earth. Good day, thanks to everyone who is with us in this great good green deed!

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