On May 21, 2022, in the Shilovsky district of the Ryazan region, there was an agricultural vehicle for 10,000 trees, planted on the site of a burned forest.

“100%survival!” - said the forestry of the Shilovsky forestry of the Ryazan region about the area of ​​the forest planted by the Ryazan volunteers of the federal project “Planting Forest” last fall. Then not far from Timoshkino, in the place of the burned forest were 10,000-two pine trees were planted. They survived the winter and this spring they already gave their first kidneys! And yesterday, the volunteers of the project “Plant the Forest”, the Shilovsky forestry and the Shilovsky branch of the GBU RO “Pozhles” held the first agricultural lifting for the future forest.

It is very important for the first years to help future pines grow. So that the small seedlings “do not score” the grass, it is plowed with a special brush. So that no weed does not deprive the future of the tree of nutrients and places in the sun. Also, as a gift to forest workers, volunteers brought the necessary tools, which is necessary for seedlings in the forest care. This fall, the federal project “Plant the Forest” will return to the Shilovsky district. This time, volunteers will plant a forest near Erachur.

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