On August 6, 2023, in Kemerovo, as part of the Planting Forest project, an agricultural vehicle was held for forest crops

On August 6, together with the regional project coordinator, we returned to landing in 2021. Here in the fall we planted 35 thousand trees. We checked as employees of the leshoz mowed excess vegetation.

Agrotechnical departure took place with the support of the S7 Airlines airline.

The survival in these areas is simply excellent - 95%! Such results are inspired by the continuation of forestry work.

In a specially protected natural territory, a landfill of tires was found near the place of landings. Information about this was transmitted to an organization that monitors compliance with the rules in this protected areas. Our team often has to clean the forests of garbage before the start of planting or agrotechnical work.

Be caring to the forest!

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