June 30, 2023 in the Novosibirsk Region, an agricultural department was held for 16,000 trees with the support of Sber

In the summer, foresters of the Novosibirsk region actively conduct agrotechnical departure for forest crops

In the Moshkovsky district in the forest area of ​​the volunteer Planting 2022. The total platform of 4 hectares of the Dubrovinsky Leskhoz JSC completed the work of the first stage of agricultural technology this season. Now the forest beauties Christmas trees and the stronger cedars will reach even more actively to the sun.

Foresters emphasize that the main task of leaving is to maintain favorable environmental conditions for the growth and development of forest crops, to reduce the period of completed forest cultural production. Weeding and loosening are also called "dry watering." Plants after the tractor between the rows passed, literally before our eyes they “raise their tops”.

Agricultural vehicles are carried out by mechanized and manual ways to remove unwanted herbal vegetation that prevents the development of young seedlings. Such measures can be performed on one section several times during the growing season, depending on the age and clogging of plantings.

“The suppression of grass, be it in a mechanical or manual way, when they are doused or roll grass, helps to take root better to forest crops. The conditions for their growth are improved. And most importantly, the loosening of the soil destroys weeds, ”said Valentina Murashkin, General Director of Dubrovinsky Leskhoz JSC.

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