July 14, 2022 in the Tula region, agricultural vehicle was held with the support of Sber

Last fall, next to the village of Anishino of the Tula region, our team of the Federal Volunteer Project “Planting Les” of the All -Russian Ecological Movement “ECA” together with the employees of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Tula Region, with volunteers from the Tula branch of Sberbank, restored the Tula trash. Having landed 7700 young oaks.

This year, agrotechnical care was carried out on a site with young oak trees. This event is carried out in order to prevent the surface of the soil of the soil of weeded grassy and wood-shrub vegetation and the accumulation of moisture in the soil. It favorably affects the growth and development of seedlings. The inventory of the survival of forest crops will be carried out by employees of the Tula forestry in the fall of 2022, but, according to preliminary estimates, it is at least 86%.

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