July 26, 2023 in the Altai Territory of the region, monitoring for 10,000 trees with the support of S7

On July 26, in the Altai Territory, monitoring of trees planted in Lake-Kuznetsovsky forestry took place. Monitoring was carried out by the coordinators of Maoo Eka.

Last year, a mechanized agricultural vehicle was held here by the Altales Caus of the Lebyazhinsky site.
This year, the agricultural vehicle (crushing) is not required, the soil is sandy and the grass does not grow high and creates a shadow, which is good for seedlings growing in the south of the Altai Territory, where hotter.

The coordinators of the Planting Forest project made a laying of trial areas and calculated the survival rate, it amounted to 40%. Two dry spring and hot summer affected with a small amount of precipitation. On this site, an addition to crops is planned.


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