April 9, 2022 in the Rostov Region was held by Agroowkhd behind planted trees with the support of Sber

To plant a tree – первый шаг. Большой, но требующий последующих шагов!

It is important to take care of plants and organize care for young seedlings. The Posadiles.ru project provides for this, so after landing for several years we have been going to the places of shares to pour, renew, add fertilizers where you need.

On April 9, we went to the Ust-Donetsk region, to the Silver Bor park, where we held several shares last fall and this spring.

We were able to give attention to our young forests along with volunteers and employees of Sberbank. It is so touching to see how young pine trees take root in their places!

And we tirelessly put our strength in ensuring that these trees become more and more in our region! 10 people, 1 tractor with a barrel and 5,000 seedlings received their portion of care!

#Lesomat terminal with which you can plant trees
Mobile game Поймите экосистему леса.
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