April 20, 2023 in the Lipetsk region, an agricultural department was held for 20,000 trees with the support of Sber

A year ago, volunteers of the Plant Les project landed 20,000 pines near the village of Kashara near Lipetsk. It is time for agricultural vehicles that is necessary for the formation of the future forest. Growing a forest is not easy. For various reasons, some of the seedlings did not take root, it took the annoyance of 7,500 trees.

Volunteersи проекта часто становятся местные жители, однако этой весной многие активисты были задействованы на других мероприятиях. Тогда региональный координатор Марина Чупейкина обратилась к липецким военным – служащим Росгвардии и Липецкого авиацентра, которые с удовольствием поддержали экологическое мероприятие и подставили надежное плечо.

Traditional briefing before landing, distribution of gloves, inventory - and now everything is in the field. Each furrow of last year’s landing was in stages, and new green seedlings appeared on the site of the dead trees. The volunteers-military were engaged in the most peaceful thing-they planted a forest for future generations. Marina shared with the military history of the Lipetsk forests, which were planted during the Great Patriotic War. The front line passed through these places, and between attacks and bombing people planted a forest for us now living. On the landings of the forest, it is always thought not about the momentary, but about something important and symbolic, that people will leave after themselves.

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