September 16, 2022 in the Irkutsk region, an agricultural department was held for 10,000 trees with the support of the airline S7

On September 16, 2022, the coordinators of the Planting Forest project conducted survival monitoring Planting 2019 in the Irkutsk region.

Together with the regional coordinator, we went to the Golousy forestry and checked how our trees grow. Based on the results of the check of the site, it was revealed that the pine has taken root 95 percent and decorates the site in even rows. There are not many harvester vegetation on the site and it does not interfere with the growth of trees. 

Recall, on September 20, 10 thousand seedlings of pine and larch were planted in the Golousy forestry of the Irkutsk region to restore the forest burned in 2003. Plantings were organized as part of the project to restore and preserve forests “Plant the Forest” with the support of the ECA and S7 Airlines movement.

#Lesomat terminal with which you can plant trees
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