September 28, 2022 in the Tomsk region was held agricultural drive with the support of the airline S7

On September 28, 2022, in the Tomsk region, the survival of trees in the areas of our landings was monitored. The project coordinators drove in 3 sections to evaluate the quality of agricultural houses and make a decision on further care of the trees.

In the summer of this year, the regional state autonomous institution of the Tomsk Forestry Production Association made a mechanical agricultural vehicle of the field in the region of 86 quarters, in areas where 54,000 trees were planted in different sections. 

This is a set of works aimed at creating favorable conditions for seedlings, for their successful survival and rapid growth.

Agrotechnical care included: processing of aisles; Processing of weeds with herbicides and arboricides. 

Recall that in the summer of 2019, forest fires in Siberia spread to millions of hectares. In August, the initiative to replenish forests in Siberia was launched and a goal was set to raise funds for planting 1,000,000 trees. Within the framework of this company, Siberia in 2023, we completed the landing of these trees.

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