On September 26, 2022 in the Orenburg region, an agricultural department was held for 8,000 trees with the support of the Audemars Piguet Foundation

In the fall of 2021 in the village of Pavlovko, near Orenburg They planted a ash forest. A year later, the participants of the federal volunteer project “Plant the Ecological Movement of the ECA came to check how the Yaseni planted by volunteers grow.

Orenburg suffers from dusty storms. Imagine a thick fog, only instead of microscopic drops of water quite tangible dust and sand. These are the consequences of aggressive agriculture on Orenburg land. Once rich virgin land today needs rest, the fertile layer of the soil is thinned out, its remnants are easily blown out by winds, and then the wind already carries what was under it-dust, sand, clay. The steppes come, carrying with them the heat and dusty endless winds. To stop these processes in the federal project “Planting Forest”, a separate direction “Southern Forest Belt of Russia” appeared. Volunteers plant forests along the southern borders of Russia.

In the fall of 2021, such a forest landing took place in the village of Pavlovka near Orenburg. When the volunteers came to plant the forest, such a strong wind blew that the freshly sprinkled earth dried up before our eyes, turning into stones. How we were worried about our ash! .. But a year passed. There was an autumn rain on the agricultural vehicle, the tractor was banging excess grass, but it was obvious that they were looking after the forest and earth regularly. The participating as a clearing experienced their first independent autumn. And the foresters counted the Orenburg arid summer of the lucky ones who survived the Orenburg. (Life with calculation). In these places last year, 7 areas of forest were planted. 4 wrote off - the trees did not take root. Among the 3 established forests of ash, planted by volunteers of the federal project Plant the forest. And this is a great result!

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