On September 26, 2022 in the Orenburg region, an agricultural department was held for 8,000 trees with the support of the Audemars Piguet Foundation

In the fall of 2021 in the village of Mayaksky in the Sol-Iletsky district of the Orenburg region Planted a visa forest. A year later, participants in the federal volunteer project Plant the Forest of the Ecological Movement of the ECA came to check how the elm planted by volunteers grow.

These are former state farm fields. After intensive operation, the Earth ceases to “give birth”, the fertile layer of the soil was so thin that the field became unsuitable for agricultural production. To restore the fertile layer of soil is capable of only years. The foliage falling in the fall will rot, and the roots of the trees will protect the earth from blowing with the wind. The new ecosystem will protect the Earth from destruction, change the climate for the better.

The tractor rolls out excess grass, in the summer it saved the elm from hot air, and now it is necessary to give priority to the tree for nutrients and in any meager soil. In parallel, foresters count the trees. Synchron with a forester. 60-70% of the survival of trees is an excellent result for any region. And in the Orenburg steppes doubly. Foresters say the cause of steel is hands. The forest, planted by rivers of good people, survives noticeably better than trees planted with the help of a machine. The works of volunteers of the federal project “Plant the Forest” were not in vain. Vyazes are growing, which means there is a chance to return the land that it gives people.

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