On September 10, 2022 in the Tver region, an agricultural department was held for 8,704 trees with the support of the company's company

On September 10, 2022, in the Kalininsky district of the Tver region as part of the Posadi Les project, an agricultural vehicle was held trees planted in the fall of 2021 Together with volunteers.

Within the framework of agricultural vehicles, the foresters managed to process 2 hectares of territory, on which 8,704 trees grow. The processing includes mowing herbaceous and woody vegetation on the site. The survival of seedlings was more than 90 %.

“This is a great result in the survival of trees. And today we fixed the result by conducting the agricultural vehicle. In the winter, our site will leave clean and young Christmas trees will not overwhelm with grassy vegetation. We also leave young mountain ash on the site, for feeding birds and moose, which were arranged by the beds on our site, ”the foresters said.

We thank everyone who took part in this landing: employees of Sberbank and volunteers, representatives of forestry and organizers. It is such people who make our world better and greener.

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