Volunteers planted 10 thousand pines in the Volga region

On October 5, 10 thousand pine saplings were planted in the Trans-Volga region to restore the damaged forest. The plantings were organized as part of the PosadiLes forest restoration and conservation project with the support of the ECA movement. 

The planting was attended by 140 volunteers, among them - not indifferent local residents, representatives of the administration and public organizations. The planting area was specially prepared by the staff of the local forestry, who will carry out the subsequent care of the seedlings.

“Thanks to everyone who supports our project and restores forests with us! We express our deep respect, love and gratitude to you for your contribution and support. Together we are doing a great job! " - Project Manager "PosadiLes" Munteanu Marianna.

“Every year, reforestation activities are gaining popularity among the residents of our region. People come with whole families and by their own example show children how important it is to take care of nature.», - says Alexander Vorobyov, regional coordinator of the PosadiLes project in Chuvashia.

Anyone who could not participate in the landings in person can support the landings online at PosadiLes.ru. After the end of the planting season, everyone who has provided support in reforestation will receive photos and gps coordinates of the seedlings.

About the project "PosadiLes"

Today, thanks to the PosadiLes project, more than 698,500 trees have already been planted in 22 regions of Russia. 4953 people took part in the public funding of the planting, thanks to their support, more than 175 hectares of forest were restored. Among the companies that supported the landing were Lenta, SPLAT, S7, MTS, Faberlik, Eldorado, Tanuki, Europlan, Starbucks, Estee Lauder, MKB (Credit Bank of Moscow), Sberbank Insurance and others.




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