ECA Movement volunteers return lost pine forests to Altai

From the 19th to the 29th of September 2017, in the Uglovsky district of the Altai Territory, by the forces of the 21st volunteer of the regional branch of the ECA Movement, an action on reforestation of the tape forest took place. During a severe fire in 1997, the forest was seriously damaged and still needs help. The action was attended by volunteer students of the Rubtsovsk Institute (Branch) of Altai State University, as well as volunteers from other educational institutions.

The Posadiles volunteer campaign is taking place in the Altai Territory for the second time. In the spring, plantings were carried out on an area of ​​more than 400 hectares. This fall, student volunteers planted seedlings on an area of ​​343 hectares in 11 working days. This is equivalent to the total area of ​​48 football fields!

“Although it snowed during the work, it only fueled the enthusiasm of our volunteers,” says the regional leader of the ECA Movement in the Altai Territory. “The guys continued to plant small pines even at sub-zero temperatures!”

The seedlings were planted in two ways: using the Pottiputki pipes and using Kolesov's sword. In this case, the planting speed of one seedling was one and 2.5 minutes, respectively. Each volunteer had 1.5 hectares of land where he was engaged in planting.


GPS Coordinates:51.30829, 80.26199



The terminal with which you can plant trees

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