10 thousand trees were planted in the forest affected by the hurricane in the Gryazovets district

On May 12, 10 thousand pine and spruce seedlings were planted in the forest area of ​​the Gryazovets district near the village of Panfilovo. The plantings were organized as part of the PosadiLes.ru reforestation project by the ECA Movement.

Planting took place to restore a forest badly damaged by the 2010 hurricane. They were attended by 60 volunteers, among them - local residents, students, schoolchildren, representatives of public organizations, the fire rescue squad and the state forestry of the Gryazovets district. The planting area was specially prepared by the staff of the local forestry, who will carry out the subsequent care of the seedlings.
“Our goal is to revive the forests of the Vologda region, to provide the Vologda residents with the necessary knowledge about afforestation and forest ecosystems. Only through practical activities, through the revival of a forest that has suffered as a result of natural or man-made disasters), it is possible to instill in the population a respectful and careful attitude towards nature. - comments Larisa Timoshenko, coordinator of PosadiLes.ru in the Vologda region - I thank the users of PosadiLes.ru for the opportunity to preserve forest wealth! "
The many forests in the region does not mean that they do not suffer from fires or other natural disasters. As a rule, they get even more from people than in sparsely forested regions. Only respect for the forest and pride in the preserved and increased “green” wealth will help man and nature to live in harmony.

GPS coordinates: 58.98154, 39.89063


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