Autumn planting of PosadiLes took place in the Vologda region

Reforestation area using the service is actively expanding. In the new autumn season, she joined the planting Vologodskaya Oblast.
October 1 and 8, 2016 in the Irdomatsky settlement near the city of Cherepovets and near the village of Kaduy, 2000 trees (1500 saplings of cedar and 500 saplings of apple, pear, larch and maple).
On abandoned lands unsuitable for agriculture,70 active citizens In the Vologda region, under the leadership of the organizer of the action Natalia Uvarova, the leader of the territorial headquarters of the ECA movement, a cedar grove was laid.


  The Vologda Oblast is one of the richest in forests in Russia. It is important for us to conserve this invaluable resource and contribute to the restoration of forests damaged by summer fires. This action is unique for the region and is being held in Cherepovets for the first time. We chose the area for planting forests together with the forestry enterprise near the village of Irdomatka, along the road to the village of Shayma. I want to express my deep gratitude to the activists and partners, namely: teachers of the 24th school of the city of Cherepovets, students, their parents, students of the Department of Social Pedagogy of the Chechen State University, the "Association of Leaders" of the village of Kadui and the public organization "Rodnoy Les" for the assistance in the restoration of our forests. area.”- says Natalya Uvarova, territorial leader of the ECA Movement in Cherepovets.




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