A whole series of PosadiLes plantings took place in the Volgograd region

In the Volgograd Region, during the fall of 2015, a whole series of tree plantings took place with the support of the PosadiLes service.
On October 14, in Krasnoslobodsk, Volgograd Region, activists of the regional branch of "ECA" together with students and teachers of the vocational lyceum. Alexander Nevsky planted Crimean pine seedlings.

On October 22, Crimean pine saplings were planted in the village of Gornaya Polyana, Volgograd Region, in a favorite resting place for mountain residents. The planting was attended by residents of the village of Gornaya Polyana and the head of the regional headquarters of ECA. The place has changed! Now children are waiting for the New Year to dance around the forest beauty!

On October 31, in Volgograd, in the “School of Happiness” park, a joint planting of pines took place, organized by the regional office of “ECA” and the public movement “Give the Earth a Garden”.
Garden and park complex "School of Happiness" is located in the floodplain area of ​​the river. Dry Mechetka on the outskirts of the Spartanovka village. The complex represents the words "Happiness", "Love", written by living trees on Earth.


GPS Coordinates:48.82678, 44.64519


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