Trees were planted in the Penza region

On April 30, 2019, on the territory of the Akhunskoye-Leninsky forestry, a mass action was held within the framework of the All-Russian Day of Forest Planting and the "Plant a Forest" project, organized by the Ministry of Forestry, Hunting and Nature Management of the Penza Region and the Penza branch of the ECA movement.

The place of the action was chosen a plot in the area of ​​the village of Kondol, Penza region, - Ermolovsko-Stepnoye uchastkovoye lesnichestvo of Akhunsko-Leninsky lesnichestvo. Thanks to users of the PosadiLes service, 7 thousand Scots pine seedlings were planted on the site on an area of ​​more than 1.5 hectares. In total, 15 thousand trees were planted that day, with the support of the Este Lauder company. After work in the fresh air, all participants were treated to lunch from the field kitchen, hot tea, and pastries.

“Thanks to the participants of this action on the territory of the unclaimed
forest nursery, a young forest will appear, which, in turn, will partially replenish the volume of forest affected by fires, including anthropogenic ones. The forest we have planted will become a key event this spring, because the inhabitants of the Penza region will breathe oxygen produced by these trees! "
- commented Alina Mozhachkina-Gribanova, coordinator of the "Plant a Forest" project in the Penza region.

Students of the Penza State Technological University, the Penza State Agrarian University, the Penza State University of Architecture and Construction, representatives of local governments, ministries and departments, and public organizations took part in the event.

We express our special gratitude to the confectionery factory "Miroslada" and the confectionery factory "Vanyushkiny sweets" for providing sweets for tea for the event participants.

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