Volunteers planted 600 trees in Kamyshin to create a forest park

On October 25, 600 young trees were planted in the wasteland behind the Kamyshinskaya CHPP to create a future forest park. The plantings were organized as part of the Posadiles forest restoration and conservation project and the Green Kamyshin project with the support of the Volgograd and Kamyshin dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church and the ECA Movement.
More than 100 activists took part in the plantings. Among them are students, schoolchildren, local residents. On the territory of 1 hectare, seedlings of chestnut, oak, mountain ash, amorphous, apricot and beautiful catalpa were planted.
“We received a huge response from caring residents of Kamyshin, who expressed their readiness to support the planting of trees. It is very pleasant to observe that such events are becoming popular and more and more caring people are taking part in planting. Thanks to all participants!”, - said the head of the Posadiles project, Marianna Munteanu.
Let us remind you that this spring, to create a forest park in Kamyshin, thanks to the Posadiles project, 1,500 seedlings of oak, maple, acacia, cherry plum, cherry, pear, apple and a zerdel were planted.
Anyone who was unable to join in person can support boarding online at website PosadiLes.ru. The service will send photos and GPS coordinates of the seedlings.


The terminal with which you can plant trees

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