In the Zavyalovsky district of Udmurtia, thanks to the SPLAT company, 4 thousand trees were planted to restore the forest

On May 19, 4 thousand young trees were planted to restore the forest in the Zarya tract of the Zavyalovsky district. The plantings were organized by the reforestation service and the ECA movement with the support of SPLAT .

On an area of ​​1 hectare, 2 thousand pine seedlings and 2 thousand cedar seedlings were planted. About 100 activists took part in the planting, including local residents, students, representatives of local authorities, companies SPLAT... The landing area was specially prepared local forestry staff who will take care of the seedlings.
“It is very pleasant to observe that reforestation activities are becoming popular, and more and more caring people are taking part in planting! Good deeds unite people and give a sea of ​​positive emotions. We thank SPLAT company and all participants for their contribution to the preservation of the nature of Udmurtia for future generations! " - noted the head of the PosadiLes service Marianna Munteanu.
SPLAT, namely the Organic Pharmaceuticals Factory, has been implementing the project “CO2-neutral production ". Its task is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the factory and offset the remaining emissions to "zero balance". In the framework of this project, the factory pays attention to the reduction of electricity consumption, measures are being taken to automate engineering systems and switch to LED lighting. & nbsp;
Since 2009, SPLAT has been calculating greenhouse gas emissions for its factory and, together with Russian and foreign partners, compensates for these emissions by planting trees around the world. Until 2017, landings were carried out in cooperation with a foreign partner, PrimaKlima, which chose landing locations mainly in Europe, Africa and Latin America. Since 2017, the company has chosen Russian partners, and with the help of the project and volunteers ECA movements has already planted more than 16,000 trees in the Irkutsk, Astrakhan and Volgograd regions.
In total, during the project, about 106 thousand trees... Landings are planned for 2018 25,000 trees in the Novgorod, Irkutsk and Volgograd regions, as well as the Republic of Udmurtia. Neutralization of CO emissions2 by planting forests not only reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but also has other positive environmental and social effects: protecting drinking water, preventing soil erosion and preserving animal habitats. Company information SPLAT – российский разработчик и производитель инновационных средств для ухода за полостью рта, бытовой химии и средств для ухода за волосами. Динамично развивающаяся семейная компания специализируется на создании качественных, не имеющих аналогов в мире продуктов, и за 17 лет своего существования заняла более 17% объема российского рынка, экспортируется в 67 стран мира. Разработкой уникальных составов занимаются 2 собственные научные лаборатории и современный R&D-центр. Our team SPLAT искренне верит, что можно изменить мир к лучшему, и работает для того, чтобы каждую секунду в мире кто-то улыбался.


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