More than 2000 trees were planted near Vyatskiye Polyany

On May 17, 2250 linden and cedar seedlings were planted in the area of ​​the Strelka forest to the east of the town of Vyatskiye Polyany. The plantings were organized as part of the PosadiLes forest restoration and conservation project with the support of the administration of the Vyatskopolyansky district of the Kirov region and the ECA movement.

Planting took place on an area of ​​0.6 hectares, representatives of public organizations, local residents and schoolchildren of the Lyceum with cadet classes named after G.S. Shpagin took part in them. In the future, the guys will take care of the planted trees.

“It is very pleasing that the younger generation is not indifferent to the problem of forest conservation and enthusiastically participates in planting. We are grateful to everyone who contributed to the restoration of forests in our region. Together we are strong!", - says Maria Smirnova, coordinator of the PosadiLes project in the Kirov region.

Anyone who could not join in person can support planting online at After the end of the planting season, everyone who has supported the reforestation will receive photos and GPS coordinates of the seedlings.

In 2015-2016. more than 3.5 thousand trees were planted in the Kirov region within the framework of the PosadiLes project. Landing reports can be viewed here.


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