Tourist activists are restoring forests in Penza together with PosadiLes

On September 30, 2017, trees were planted by enthusiasts in the forested area of ​​the Zarya microdistrict of the city of Penza. The joint event was held by activists of the ECA and Greenshift movements within the framework of the project. On this day, the main participants in the event were tourists who took part in the "Sursky Compass" festival, timed to coincide with the World Tourism Day. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, the volunteers planted 500 maples.

“As a result of drought and fires in the Penza region in 2010, a large number of forests were damaged, the restoration of which is one of the priorities of our movement and the PosadiLes project,” says Vyacheslav Kubis from the Greenshift movement.

“This territory was not chosen by chance, a year ago it was transferred to the category of a forest-park zone. In the near future, on the site of the field there will be a beautiful park where children and adults will be able to walk and breathe fresh air ”. - Mozhachkina Alina, regional leader of the ECA Movement.

Anyone can support the restoration of forests in the Penza region using the service.


? Support the next forest plantations in the Penza region! Plant a tree on


GPS Coordinates:53.24518, 44.89119


The terminal with which you can plant trees

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