The first spring planting of PosadiLes took place in the Belgorod region

At the end of March 2016. in the Belgorod region, tree planting took place, organized by the service and the Belgorod branch of the ECA movement.

The trees were planted near the village. New Tavolzhanka of Shebekinsky district. About 30 planting participants under the guidance of experienced foresters planted several thousand annual pine seedlings on a 1.6 hectare site intended for reforestation after the fires of the 00s.


Comment of the organizer of the planting, the leader of the territorial leader of the headquarters of the city of Belgorod, Ignatova Alexandra: “I believe that it is a universal human duty to leave behind a good ecological situation and to make a feasible contribution to improving the state of nature and restoring forests. The service gives everyone the opportunity to join the "contribution", even if you do not have the physical ability or simply time. Making the world greener has become much easier! ”.

Our team “ЭКА” Белгородской области выражает огромную благодарность всем неравнодушным, решившим озеленить наш родной край и ждёт в дальнейшем Вашей поддержки лесовосстановительных посадок!



Why is it so important to draw people's attention to the problem of reforestation, and often just their presence? For residents of the Belgorod region, this issue is especially relevant, since the area of ​​forest plantations is only about 217 thousand hectares, or 8% of the total area of ​​the region (for comparison, the forest area in the Kirov region is 8 million hectares!).

Rapidly, every day, our planet is losing about 1.5 hectares of forest per day. Currently, the total area of ​​forests on the planet is approximately 38 million km² (this is about a third of the land area), of which 13% are protected natural areas.


GPS Coordinates: 50.32194, 36.83859


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