Penza residents planted 10 thousand pines near the village of Kondol

On October 18, on the territory of the Akhunsky-Leninsky forestry of the Penza region, 10 thousand pine saplings were planted to restore the damaged forest. Planting was organized within the framework of the PosadiLes forest restoration and conservation project with the support of the Ministry of Forestry, Hunting and Nature Management of the Penza Region, the Penza District Administration, the Lenta hypermarket chain and the EKA movement.

Planting took place on an area of ​​2 hectares, more than 120 volunteers took part in them, among them were students from all universities in the city, representatives of public organizations in the region and initiative people. The planting area was specially prepared by the forestry staff, who will carry out the subsequent care of the seedlings.

“Thanks to everyone who supports our project and restores forests with us! We express our deep respect, love and gratitude to you for your contribution and support. Together we are doing a great job! " - Project Manager "PosadiLes" Munteanu Marianna.

“It is not the first year that residents of the Penza region have been actively involved in tree planting. It is pleasant to observe that every year the number of volunteers - those who support planting in person or online using the PosadiLes service - is only growing. We thank everyone for their contribution to the preservation of the forests of our region ”, - says the coordinator of the "PosadiLes" project in Penza Alina Mozhachkina-Gribanova.

About PosadiLes

Thanks to the PosadiLes project and the support of its users, over 480,000 trees have been planted in 20 regions of Russia over four years. More than 4 thousand people took part in the public financing of the landings. You can view the reports from the landings here.
The ECA movement, which founded the PosadiLes project, has been rehabilitating and preserving forests since 2010, and during this time has planted more than 10 million trees in 47 regions of Russia.


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