12 thousand pines have been planted on a burnt-out area of ​​the forest in the Trans-Volga region

On April 30, 12 thousand pine seedlings were planted in the Trans-Volga region (Cheboksary) in a forest area affected by fires. Planting was organized within the framework of the all-Russian project for forest restoration PosadiLes.ru with the support of the ECA Movement and the Cheboksary forestry enterprise.

“It is very pleasant to observe that reforestation activities are becoming popular, and more and more caring people are taking part in planting! Good deeds unite people and give a sea of ​​positive emotions. We thank all participants for their contribution to the conservation of nature for future generations! " - noted the head of the PosadiLes service Marianna Munteanu.
“In 2010, 6,500 hectares of forest burned down in the Trans-Volga region. For 7 years, only half of them were restored. The fires were caused by man. That is why we have been planting forests there for 5 years now. Indeed, in addition to the reforestation function, we also achieve an educational effect. After visiting the Volga region and seeing the consequences of the fires, volunteers begin to treat the forest and fire safety in a completely different way. " - says Alexander Vorobyov, regional coordinator of PosadiLes in the Republic of Chuvashia.
In 2016-2017 more than 300 thousand young trees were planted in Chuvashia within the framework of the PosadiLes.ru forest restoration project. Landing reports can be viewed here. Are you not indifferent to the restoration of forests in the Chuvash Republic? Then go to posadiles.ru and plant a tree!


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