On May 12, 2017, tree planting took place in the city of. Kineshma as part of the PosadiLes project

In g. Kineshma organized tree planting within the framework of the annual reforestation campaign of the PosadiLes project.

By the forces of 20 students of the 8th grade MBOU school №8 g. Kineshma under the guidance of biology teacher Matyushina O.B. Together with OGKU Kineshemskoye forestry, 10 thousand pine saplings were planted on the territory of Zavolzhsky forestry on an area of ​​1 hectare.

In 2015, general sanitary felling was carried out on this territory, in 2016 the soil was prepared for planting, and finally, in 2017, planting began.

Thanks to the PosadiLes project, we have done a very important job in our life! In 2016, only 3 people took part in the action, and this year - already 20. We hope that in the coming years we will be able to unite many more activists, because we are doing this for ourselves, our children and all people on our planet!

Many thanks to the guys and foresters for their joint work and a great example for everyone. After all, this is how we teach, educate and raise a new generation of environmentally responsible citizens of our country!


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