30 thousand trees were planted in Zolotarevka within the framework of Posadiles

On April 27, in Penza, within the framework of the All-Russian Day of Forest Planting, 30 thousand young trees were planted on the territory of the Akhunsko-Leninsky forestry near the village of Zolotarevka. Planting was organized by the Posadiles.ru forest restoration project with the support of the ECA Movement and the Ministry of Forestry of the Penza Region.

On the affected forest area of ​​5 hectares, trees of forest-forming species were planted: pine, oak, birch, linden, ash, mountain ash, as well as shrubs. The planting area was specially prepared by the forestry staff, who will carry out the subsequent care of the seedlings. About 200 activists took part in the planting, among them - representatives of regional authorities and local self-government, public organizations, local residents, students, cadets of the Penza Artillery Engineering Institute and schoolchildren.
“In order not to have a consumer attitude towards nature, it is necessary to change the consciousness of all generations. In my opinion, in order to speed up this process, it is necessary that every year in Russia be the Year of the Environment - albeit not officially, but in the minds and hearts of as many people as possible. " - says Alina Mozhachkina-Gribanova, regional coordinator of PosadiLes in the Penza region.
Earlier, activists of the ECA movement planted 1,500 young trees to create a forest park in the Zarya village.


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