Belgorod residents took over the baton of PosadiLes autumn plantings

October 22, 2016 residents of the Belgorod region participated in autumn plantings PosadiLes, and contributed to reforestation in the region.

Stock PosadiLes in the Belgorod region gave birth to a young oak forest, which occupied 2 hectares of land. Total was planted 5 thousand acorns.

Landing took place in the village of Blizhnyaya Igumenka, Belgorod region. The action was attended by 30 people, among whom were both volunteers of the EKA movement and people who are simply not indifferent to nature. Assistance in planting was provided by employees of the Belgorodskoe lesnichestvo, who told about the basic rules for planting acorns.

Landing organizer and regional head of the ECA movement in the Belgorod region Natalya Gulya commented on this event: «Stock PosadiLes прошла замечательно! Это вторые посадки в рамках данного проекта в нашей области.В акции приняли участие как молодые люди и студенты, так и люди с детьми, целые семьи. Сегодня мы не только посадили лес, но и провели большую просветительскую работу!».


Участники посадок остались довольны. Stock зарядила их желанием участвовать в мероприятиях PosadiLes и дальше. “I really liked today's action. I'm ready to come again. It was great to decorate the outskirts of the city of Belgorod and spend time with benefits for your health and nature, and not just sit at home ", - Violetta Klyueva, participant of the action, told about her impressions.

“This is the first tree planting for our children. This is a good deed that has a future. We want our children to breathe fresh air, they were surrounded by nature, which they took care of, they knew what it is to plant a tree. That is why we arrived today. After a while we will come and check. how our trees have grown ", - shared the participant of the action - the father of two children, Anatoly Tulyaganov.

Our team сервиса PosadiLes надеется, что новый дубовый лес станет любимым местом отдыха белгородцев и они будут его беречь.

For reference:
The Belgorod region has a small number of forests that are unevenly located. Basically, these are small tracts along ravines, gullies, watersheds. The total area of ​​forest lands is 236.9 thousand hectares, while the area of ​​the region itself is 2713.4 thousand hectares.




GPS Coordinates:50.62488, 36.70053



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