On October 9, 2022, 10,000 trees were planted in the Altai Territory with the support of S7

On October 9, in the Uglovsky district, residents of the Altai Territory landed 10,000 seedlings. Landing was organized as part of the “Plant the Forest” campaign near the village. Uglovskoye. Here in 1997 there was a large fire. Fire arose due to thunderstorm discharges. For an hour and a half, the flame advanced 5 km. The traces of that fire have remained so far - the wastelands can be seen even on satellite maps. After 25 years, work on forestry in these territories is still underway.

Pine seedlings with a closed root system were planted. The landing area was 4 hectares. The promotion was supported by the ECA and S7 Airlines. Volunteers from Rubtsovsk: RII AlTSTU, the public organization “Our city”, OPO DANKO, RIDO RIDO, RIDO Medical College, the All-Russian Public Movement, the Rubtsovsky Local Department of Medical Volunteers, and the Rubtsovsky Institute (branch) of AltSU.

We coped with the task together and fun, even finished ahead of time.

Assistance in the event was provided by the Office of the Forests of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Altai Territory and the regional autonomous institution "Altales". Forest management allocated a plot for the event, and KAU Altales prepared the ground for planting and provided volunteers with a forestry instrument.

Our team организаторов выражает благодарность начальнику отдела лесовосстановления и защитного лесоразведения Владимиру Кучеру и начальнику отдела обеспечения полномочий в области лесных отношений по Озеро-Кузнецовскому лесничеству Алексею Суслову за помощь в организации мероприятия. 

Reference: Plant the “Plant the Forest” - the crowdfunding platform of the ECA movement for collecting funds for forest restoration, operating since 2015. Over the six years, more than 2.5 million trees in 52 regions of Russia were planted for six years. In only 4 years of the project - from 2019 to 2022 - in the forestry of the Altai Territory, with the participation of regional autonomous institutions, 148 thousand seedlings of forest crops were planted.

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