Residents of Udmurtia joined the action and 4,000 English oak seedlings were planted in the Kambara region on October 9, 2021 as part of the autumn planting.

Landing was supported by users online, and volunteers from Izhevsk planted small oak trees for permanent residence offline.

A total of 30 people took part in the plantings. And the story with the oak trees began back in 2018 ... Then, acorns were collected from 7 regional forestries of Udmurtia in order to establish an oak nursery. And since last year, these oak trees began to appear in some regions of the Republic, and today the oak grove was born in the Kambara region beyond the village of Sholya.

There was a settlement at this place back in the 60s (bricks and clay fragments were found during planting), but after the enlargement of the villages, many residents left small villages (like this).

Thank you for the hospitality of the head of the Kambarsky forestry Raul Vasilyevich Latypov and the forest engineer Ekaterina Vasilyevna, who told how to behave in the forest and gave instructions on planting oak trees.

We would like to thank the wonderful Olesya for the delicious vegetarian dishes cooked over the fire. Very satisfying and insanely delicious. And, of course, our volunteers, activists of the ECA Green Movement in Udmurtia and our favorite students of ECOPROFTECH under the leadership of Tukayeva Lia.

“For us Ecoactivists, yesterday's event is very important. Dubrava, which appeared in the Kambara region, will be another place of attraction and familiarity with nature. Many thanks to the organizers and the ECA movement and the PosadiLes project "

Eduard Glukhov

Journalist and social activist of the Kambara region

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