On October 8, in the Ichalkovsky district of the Republic of Mordovia, a reforestation action "Plant a Forest" was held with the support of the SPLAT company.

Volunteers from different organizations were invited to take part in this important matter - student teams of the Republic of Mordovia, the Middle Volga Institute of the VSUYu RPA of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, Lyceum No. 7 in Saransk, the Office of the Federal Tax Service for the Republic of Mordovia and caring residents of the Republic of Mordovia.

The action was held with the support of the SPLAT company. Arriving at the landing site, armed with everything necessary (buckets with seedlings, gloves, shovels), the guys embarked on an important mission - planting future pines. Previously, a specialist instructed how to plant a tree correctly and what safety measures must be followed. By joint efforts, 10 thousand trees were planted on two sites. At the end of all the work, the volunteers received a joint delicious vegetarian, hot lunch provided by the organizers of the project.

The organization of the action was assisted by the Ministry of Forestry, Hunting and Nature Management of the Republic of Mordovia, the Saransk Territorial Forestry, and the Reserve Mordovia. With joint efforts it is possible to do everything! For example, plant a whole pine forest! Years will pass and the already matured volunteers will take their children and grandchildren there for a walk - in the forest they planted themselves!

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