On October 8, 2022, 32,000 trees were planted in Tomsk with the support of S7

On October 8, 2022, volunteers of the Tomsk region landed 32 thousand young pines on the territory of the Timiryazevsky forestry in the Tomsk district; The forest was restored on 8 hectares of land.

Pine planting took 20 kilometers from Tomsk - in the region of 86 quarter, in the territory of the Timiryazevsky forestry. Over 150 volunteers took part in the action: students, caring residents, representatives of small businesses and volunteer associations. The event was held as part of the All -Russian Ecological Promotion "Plant the Forest" together with the airline S7.


“When I saw an ad, bright photos and smiling faces, I immediately wanted to take part. Today we help to plant the forest and this gives incredible pleasure. These are many new acquaintances, this is a huge contribution with the ecology, plus a cool day and wonderful energy "

Participant of the action.

Reference: Plant the “Plant the Forest” - the crowdfunding platform of the ECA movement for collecting funds for forest restoration, operating since 2015. Over the six years, more than 3.5 million trees in 52 regions of Russia were planted for six years.

In the summer of 2019, forest fires in Siberia spread to millions of hectares. In August 2019, a joint initiative of the airline S7 and the Planting Forest project was launched to replenish forests in Siberia and a goal was set to raise funds for planting 1,000,000 trees. Within the framework of this company, Siberia in 2022, we planted a million tree. For 4 years of the project - from 2019 to 2022 - in the forestry of the Tomsk region, with the participation of volunteers, 97 thousand seedlings of forest crops were planted.

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