On October 8, in the Vologda region, an action was held to plant 10 thousand trees in the Gryazovetsky district with the support of the SBER company

Sberbank corporate volunteers planted European spruce seedlings and restored 4 hectares of forest.

Regional organizers provided transportation to and from the landing site for the volunteers, meals, and provided all the necessary equipment. Forestry specialists held a master class before the start of the event. Young trees were planted in areas specially prepared by the local forestry, which will carry out the subsequent care of the seedlings.

Planting trees helps to concentrate precipitation, create a comfortable and humid microclimatic environment, reduce wind force at the level of the surface air layer and make the climate less arid. And the use of tree species that are resistant to arid climate will help to level the average daily temperatures and dramatically slow down the steppe formation.

“The massive participation of volunteers in forest planting cannot but rejoice: they really help forest workers to restore huge areas of forests that have died from fires, harmful insects, hurricanes and other disasters. But we must not forget that for the cultivation of a new forest, it is not the planting itself that is of primary importance, but the subsequent care of young trees, and we can not worry about this, because the forest is under supervision ”

Larisa Timoshenoko

Regional coordinator of the "Plant a forest" project in the Vologda region

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