On May 8, residents of Belokurikha, Altai Territory, planted 10,000 trees.

Today residents of Belokurikha were engaged in reforestation! Our city took part in the creation of the Southern forest belt of Russia, which will stretch from the Rostov region to the Republic of Buryatia. Every year the Plant a Forest project is supported by more and more people. Someone buys certificates for tree planting, someone participates as a volunteer.

Daria Kuchinash, an organizer in the Altai Territory, talks about planting in the Altai Territory: “As soon as I found out about the project, I wanted to organize a planting in my region! It was gratifying that more than a hundred residents of the city of Belokurikha happily joined the movement and together we planted the future pine forest! It was not easy, but I liked it! Join us, we will repeat it in the fall! ”.”.


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