September 7, 2022 in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) landed 12,000 seedlings with the support of Sber

The autumn planting season-2022 has started! On September 7, in Yakutia, the project “Plant the Forest” held its first landing. 130 volunteers - employees of the Yakut branch of Sberbank, foresters, forest paratroopers and local residents - landed 12 thousand seedlings of pine in an abandoned quarry near the village of Odunansky names of mountain ulus.

Volunteers предоставили необходимый инвентарь, перчатки, средства гигиены, репелленты, питьевую воду, многоразовую посуду и вегетарианское питание.

“Most of the present planted trees for the first time, but we still managed to restore a plot of 4 hectares and plant 12 thousand seedlings,” the organizers said.

“Forest recovery is an important part of the Sbering ESG strategy. This project helps to reduce carbon mark and preserve the natural wealth of our country. Such a volunteer action is a great way to contribute to the planet's life "

Oleg Bugay.

Manager of the Yakut branch "Sberbank"

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