On April 27, 2021, on the territory of the Sredneakhtubinskoye forestry of the Volgograd region, an action "Plant a forest" was held with the support of Sberbank.

After a strong fire, the volunteers of the ECU Interregional Ecological Public Organization, Sberbank’s employees and simply caring Volgograd residents dropped out 6,000 oak and maple seedlings.

Arm yourself with shovels, buckets for watering, take seedlings and not forget a good mood: these are the main conditions for the participants of the "Plant a Forest" project. For participants who could not get to the work site on their own, a transfer from Volgograd was organized. After the end of the action, a field kitchen was waiting for all its participants. For the Volgograd region, the Volga-Akhtubinskaya floodplain performs the most important ecosystem functions, including the creation of habitats for plant and animal species listed in the Red Data Books, and also serves as a regulator of the atmospheric air in the cities of Volgograd and Volzhsky. Therefore, in order to preserve the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain and transfer natural resources to future generations, forest restoration activities must be carried out now!


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