On October 5, 2023, 4000 fir trees were planted in the Votkinsky district of Udmurtia

Planting took place thanks to the Planting Forest project and our partners Continent Motors and Imapactory.

More than 40 people took part in the landing.

«I like this condition when the project unites people to do what will be longer than ourselves. Let there be big huge forests here", Says a permanent participant in landings in Udmurti, Elmira Sakhaldinova

We thank the July district forestry in the person of Shaimardanov Ilshat Maksutovich for hospitality, ECA volunteers in Udmurtia and residents of the city of Izhevsk for their help in the landing of the forest.

Special gratitude for the delicious vegetarian lunch Ivan Penkov and Anna Penkova. You are professionals, you are very good and tasty with you.

And the endless thanks to our technical assistants, without which we could not enjoy these moments now and in the future Pavel Bukharin and Katerina Bukharina.

Today you can join the project without leaving your home. On the Posadiles.ru website, select any number of trees, if you wish, add agrotechnical care for them and arrange a landing certificate. Every 180 rubles is a new tree. Help nature simply with posadiles.ru. Photos, videos and GPS coordinates of the planted forest will come to the mail you specified.

#Lesomat terminal with which you can plant trees
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