On June 4, in the Novosibirsk Region, as part of the project of the Southern Forest Belt of Russia, the volunteers of the ECA, together with the employees of Sberbank, landed 16,000 trees in the territory of 8 hectares, which suffered from a fire in 2020.

Planting was carried out in a mechanized way using special forest planting equipment. The planting workflow included: preparation of the planting site, feeding the planting material into the machine's grippers, moving it to the planting site and embedding the root system with soil with its compaction. “This is not the first time we have participated in forest planting. And we want to breathe easier, to have a memory of us, so that our children come and learn from our good experience, ”shared the landing volunteer, Polina.

“The massive participation of volunteers in planting forests is good news: they really help forest workers to restore huge areas of forests that have died from fires, pests, hurricanes and other disasters. But we must not forget that for the cultivation of a new forest, it is not the planting itself that is of primary importance, but the subsequent care of young trees, and we can not worry about this, because the forest is under supervision and agricultural care is expected this season, ”the organizers shared. stock.

Anyone who could not join the plantings in person can support the restoration and conservation of forests online at PosadiLes.ru. The service will send photos and GPS coordinates of the seedlings.


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