On October 30, 2021, a forest of 4000 white acacia seedlings was planted in the Rostov Region with the support of the Audemars Piguet Foundation

Today is October 30 in st. Romanovskaya, Volgodonsk region, we planted a forest of white acacia. 4000 seedlings in 2 hours!

The hands of gallant volunteers, activists, students of the RKVT and forestry staff in a single impulse filled a field of one hectare in a picturesque place near the Don River. “Plant a forest” - this process evokes a response in the heart of everyone with whom it is given to act together. Some volunteers have traveled not for the first time, but for many today it was a novelty to hold a forest planting shovel "Kolesov's Sword" in their hands, weighing 4 kg each (well, wave it for two hours!). Some planted trees for the first time, and one of the participants, Lena, had a birthday, which she spent with us, planting her birthday forest! Each team planted 150 plants on average, of course there were those who returned for plants more and more, despite the already planted rows, exceeding the original bar. The drive of a great good deed and clear preparation and professional instruction from the foresters made it possible to fulfill the planned volumes exactly on time, and then enjoy a delicious vegetarian lunch on the picturesque bank of the river! By the evening, bright reportage photos were ripe

“I never stop enjoying and being inspired by what we are doing, guys! Thanks to all the participants, the Plant a Forest project and a clear team!

Maria Gorbacheva

Coordinator of the "Plant a forest" project in the Rostov region

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