April 30, 2022 in the Tver region, 10,000 seedlings were planted with the support of Posadiles.ru service users

On April 30, 2022, trees were planted in the Rameshkovsky district of the Tver region together with the Planting Forest project. And she, I admit, was not from the lungs, but about everything in order.

The results of landing in numbers:

  • 10,000 seedlings ate
  • 50 participants
  • 3.5 ha

The distance of two kilometers had to be overcome by volunteers on foot, because it was impossible to get to the site by bus due to the lack of a road. This time the plot itself was quite difficult - everywhere the remains of fallen trees lay, which were interference for movement. Huge puddles in the middle of the grooves also did not add amenities for the work of volunteers. A separate “thank you” should be said to be the weather, because for this day we saw wet snow, and a piercing wind, and a bright sun.

But if we landed, we can’t stop us anymore!

Under the guidance of experienced organizers and forestry workers, volunteers fulfilled their task and planted a lifeless field with thousands of spruce seedlings. After such difficult work, everyone was very pleased with the wonderful vegetarian dinner from Anna Surkova. As you remember, on our plantings we do not use disposable dishes. For the third time, beautiful reusable plates and circles are provided to us by our friends Fresh Buffet.

We thank everyone who allocated their weekend to do such an important thing for nature, we are delighted with the stamina and endurance of all the participants in the landing. We are glad that such cool people live in our city. Together we will do a lot of useful things for ourselves and for the planet!

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